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National Pickling - A high quality pickling variety that produces an abundance of cucumbers! The 15 cm (6") long dark green cucumbers feature black spines and are great for pickling. This variety also boasts disease tolerance to mildew and mosaic viruses.

Improved Long Green - Cucumbers are a very productive variety of white spined cucumbers. The 18-20 cm (7-8") long green cucumbers are tender, crisp, and delicious. This variety is best when eaten fresh or sliced in salads.

Straight Eight - Cucumbers are a favorite among gardeners. With white spines lining attractive green skin around crisp and juicy white flesh, they are hard to resist. Features small seeds in very uniform 20 cm (8") fruit.

Spacemaster Cucumbers -  Produce heavy yields of large, uniform fruits that grow to 18-23 cm (7-9"). Growing on dwarf bush vines, these cucumbers are never bitter and easy to enjoy. Compact and bushy, this variety is ideal for small growing areas such as containers and hanging baskets.

English Long Telegraph - Extra long and aren't bitter. Not only are these cucumbers most flavorful when young but cutting young also encourages further cropping.