Gusto Italia Beet Dolce Di Chioggia Seed

Gusto Italia Beet Dolce Di Chioggia Seed

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Dolce Di Chioggia is a beautiful scarlet garden beet. This Italian specialty is a wonderful variety with attractive coloring that features interior rings of reddish-pink and white. The tops can be used as fresh greens in salads, or steamed for a cooked vegetable. The roots can be canned, pickled, or frozen.

Latin Name: Beta vulgaris

Seed Type: Heirloom

Product Weight: 2 grams / approximately 80-100 seeds

Plant Type: Vegetable

Flavor: Mild & sweet

Days to Harvest: 55 days

Days to Seed Germination: 10 to 12 days

Seed Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2")

Row Spacing: 30 cm (12")

Plant Spacing: 8 cm (3")

Planting Instructions: Sow in rows as early as the ground can be worked. After planting, press down covering with soil firmly. It performs best in full sun and well drained soil.

How To Grow: Beet Dolce Di Chioggia

Suggestions: Plant near bush beans, cabbage, lettuce, or kohlrabi but away from pole beans.

Preparation Ideas: Chioggia beets can be prepared just like any other type of beet.