Livingston Bean Seed


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Provider Bush Bean - Provider Bush bean produces heavy crops of excellent quality green beans. The compact plant produces earlier than other beans because it germinates in cool soils. The stringless pods grow to approximately 5 1/2" long. Known for its long shelf life, Provider Bush Bean is one of the best varieties for freezing and canning. Try it straight from the garden, too!

Bountiful Bush Bean - Bountiful Bush Bean is an excellent, productive heirloom. The snap bean pod is stringless, 6 - 7" long. Bountiful Bush Bean has long shelf life after picking. Great for freezing and canning. This variety is very flavorful and a good choice for the home gardener.

Cherokee Wax - The Cherokee Wax Bean is a popular bush variety. It can withstand adverse weather conditions and resist disease while producing 5 - 6" long, stringless pods with fine flavor. The plant's upright habit keeps the pods clean.

Kentucky Wonder Bush - Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean, being a determinate variety gives a good yield and requires less work than a pole bean. No trellising is needed, and pods are held off the ground by the strong vines. The 6 - 7" long, medium green pods are the same flattened shape as the pole.

Tendergreen - Dependable producer over a long season. These long, smooth, stringless pods are tender and at their best for the table when 5 - 6" long. Disease resistant. High in vitamins A, B, and C.