Livingston Lettuce Seed


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Tennis Ball - Tennis Ball Lettuce is a butterhead variety with mild, tasty flavor. The loose heads measure only 7" in diameter. The light green leaves form small tight rosettes. The crisp leaves are delicious on your favorite sandwich or in a summer salad direct from the garden.

Slobolt - Slobolt Lettuce is named after a special trait it possesses: it is slow to bolt. It is also slow to turn bitter in taste during maturity. This is a looseleaf variety with thick clusters of green, frilled leaves. Slobolt is a large, compact plant which produces the entire summer and is considered a garden standard.

Lolla Rossa - The beautiful magenta, frilly leaves and light green base of Lolla Rossa Lettuce are mild and tasty. This is an excellent cut-and-come-again lettuce so you can have a healthy salad from the garden all season. A good choice for eating and garnishing plus, Lolla Rossa is quite decorative grown in a container on your patio.

Livingston's Mix - Livingston's Cutting Lettuce is a must for your garden. Grow alongside your Bull's Blood Beet, Arugula, and Spinach for an even larger greens mixture. Well-balanced formula mixture of Baby Oakleaf, Bronze Beauty, red Velvet, Pablo, Tennis Ball, and Freckles. Sounds like a tasty and beautiful salad!

Bibb - Bunnies like lettuce, and tasty Bibb Lettuce has to be one of their favorites! The loose heads formed by this variety show green or brownish outer leaves and cream - or butter-colored inner leaves. Start your seeds indoors in the spring, and you'll have an early crop of delicious garden-fresh lettuce for your salads.