Livingston Pea Seed


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Lincoln - Lincoln Pea is a favorite with gardeners because of its high yields and sweet, tender flavor. A pea suited for eating fresh, canning and freezing. The 4 - 5" pods are loaded with 6 - 9 sweet peas. Heat and wilt tolerant. Peas are ideal for a fall crop started in late summer.

Early Frosty - Early Frosty is a vigorous and a heavy producer of 4" double pods, which contain 7 - 8 dark green, medium-sized peas. The exceptional sweetness of Early Frosty Pea makes it an excellent choice for using fresh or freezing. Easy to pick and wilt resistant. Good variety for areas with short growing seasons or cold springs.

Dwarf Gray Sugar - With their light green pods and purple blossoms, Dwarf Gray Sugar Pears have much to brag about! The bushy plants are stringless, very adaptable, and dependable producers that don't require staking; their sweet, tender pods are delicious fresh, sauteed, or frozen. Use in stir-fries or other Asian dishes.