Livingston Watermelon Seed


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Petite Yellow - Petite Yellow Watermelon is nutritionally one of the ten best foods! Contains powerful nutrients that fight asthma, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, AND a whole cup is only 48 calories! The bright yellow flesh of this 6 - 10 pound fruit is sweet and aromatic. Don't you wish you already had one in your refrigerator?

Moon & Stars Red - Moon & Stars Watermelon's very sweet, red flesh is so delicious! The unique rind and leaves display patches of bright yellow resembling the moon and stars. The oval melon reaches 30 - 40 pounds.

Dixie Queen - Dixie Queen Watermelon is an earlier-to-harvest melon, giving you summer favorites before you know it! This heirloom has crisp, red flesh, exceptionally sweet. Dixie Queen can reach 40 - 50 pounds in weight with dark green and ivory stripes. No summer is complete without watermelon!

Black Diamond - Grows on tough, vigorous vines. Fruits average 30 - 50 pounds, with some reaching up to 125 pounds. The dark, blue-green rind protects the sweet, firm bright red flesh.