Doorn's FAQ

These are the most commonly asked questions here at Doorn's Greenhouse.

Yes, it's very busy and our inventory is going fast.

  1. Are you open during the COVID-19 issue?
    The government has allowed us to open to the public using social distancing and only 15 customers at any given time. There will be markings on our floors to help guide you for social distancing. It will be on a first come first serve basis. For your convenience you can order here online and use our CURBSIDE PICKUP service. If you have special requirements there will be limited daily  appointments available you can book here online.

  2. Can I order my plants by phone with my credit card?
    Yes you can, please be patient as our phone lines are very busy filling orders for our happy customers.

  3. When can I pick up my order?
    When ordering online you'll see a pickup icon. When you finish adding items to your cart you'll be asked to choose a date and time when you'd like to pickup your order.

  4. What's the longest time that Doorn's will hold my order for pickup?
    After the Mother's Day weekend online orders will need to be picked up within 2 days of your purchase.

  5. When viewing a plant that has multiple colours, how do I tell which colour matches which name so I can order the colour I like?
    When looking at a plant that shows multiple pictures of the different colours, use the dropdown menu that display all the names and the picture of the flower will coincide with the photo that pops in as you select the different names from the drop-down menu.

  6. What if I have placed 2 orders on 2 separate days? Can I pick them both up on my original order date?
    Yes you can provided you have given us at least 24 hours to fulfill your order. Please add a note to your second order indicating when your first order pickup is and we'll do the best we can to put them together so you can pickup as one order.

  7. SOLD OUT! Does this mean you're completely sold out of that product?
    If you are seeing SOLD OUT! on some of our products it doesn't necessarily mean we're completely sold out. We do new inventory counts each day to be sure we can fulfill your orders and add new inventory if we're not truly sold out. We do keep certain counts in store so we can also serve our customers in-store, but if you want to call and double-check, please do so.